Tuesday, February 14, 2012

P90X Week 7

Today is our 7th week {day 44} of P90X!! 

The good:

*  Total of 4lbs lost {that's 1 more lb since last time I posted}
*  More inches lost
*  Fit in a new pair of jeans that have been hanging in my closet

The bad:

*  We missed three workouts last week
*  Over the weekend I ate more junk food than expected

I was nervous about stepping on the scale this morning because of all the junk food I ate over the weekend.  Stunned {and excited} to see one more pound lost!

Last night we tried the P90X Cardio dvd for the first time.  It is a mixture of moves from many of the other dvds and incorporates core, yoga, and cardio.  It started slow with yoga {can I just say right now how much I don't like yoga} but ended strong with some hard cardio! 

So, today Valentine's Day, and I'm sure at some point this week I will consume chocolate and other goodies, but our plan is to just keep going. 

I'll post another update in two weeks so I hope you will join me.  If you are working on getting fit, I would love to hear about what you are doing.


Thrifty Military Mommy

I've done P90X 3 times and still LOVE it! I hated the yoga when I first started it too, but after months of doing it you'll learn to love it because you'll be able to do all the moves with ease and you'll begin to notice how beneficial it is while you're doing cardio. I don't know how it works but it really makes my lungs work better during harder workouts.

Right now I'm not really following any routine. I did a detox without any exercises and I lost 15lbs in 2 weeks (you can check it out if you're interested on my blog: http://www.thriftymilitarymommy.blogspot.com). So right now I'm just taking it easy, exercising when I can, and alternating between P90X and Insanity (now that's a hard one!).

Have a great day!!!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart

Way to go. So glad you are seeing good results. I'm not a big Yoga fan either.
Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping us posted.
Have a lovely day.

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