Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Funny Bunny Designs

I had mentioned a few weeks ago that Funny Bunny has been hard at work on a project since December.  Well I finally think it's time to share it!!

Funny Bunny Designs is an online store where you can purchase things like t-shirts, hats, pins, placemats, keychains, mugs, and more....all designed with images that Funny Bunny created herself. 

She drew each design and chose the products to feature them on.  Everything can be customized, so if you love the design but don't like the shirt style, you can change it.

And the best part is that a small percentage of every sale goes to Funny Bunny!!

I'm also happy to announce that she made her first sale {the llama shirt below} two weeks ago!

So if you have some time, please stop by Funny Bunny Designs and take a look.  Once on her page, you can click to "like" her store on the left side.  That would mean a lot!



How cute! I love the little designs she has created!


Hahaha! I love the llama shirt. I will tell my son and send him over to shop later. Great job!


Tell her to add a fox tee shirt and that will get my son to buy something for sure...he's obsessed with foxes.

I was thinking "We otter be friends..." or something else with otters would be cute, too. "Moooooving _____" or "over the moooon?" (or something) with a cow, maybe? "Love your neigh-bor" for two horses?"

What a cute idea! I think the hedgehog and the butterfly and flower are absolutely adorable.

Clever, creative girl!

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Thanks for the ideas, I will tell her! She saw my post and is already working on more!


These are so cute. Your daughter is very creative, and this is a wonderful way to share her artistic ability.

PK @ Knee Deep In Grace

Well done, Funny Bunny! Keep up the good work. We'll be looking for your latest creations.



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Thanks! She already has several more designs made and waiting for me to upload. :)

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