Monday, April 16, 2012

miscellany monday

Miscellany Monday @
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i feel like i have been in over my head in reviews and giveaways lately and i haven't been able to post about much anything else, so here are some really random musings...

funny bunny and hubby started a garden on good friday.

publix has the best pre-made pizza dough.  we are having pizza for dinner tonight.  :)

funny bunny turns 9 next month...where did the time go??

we've been watching documentary shows about the titanic on the history channel all weekend long.

i've been wrapped up with my thirty-one business lately too.  did you know that starting today, april 16th to may 31st, they are offering an enrollment kit rebate?!  i wish that was available when i started!  contact me if you want to know more...

i love this picture of funny bunny...i just have to show it again (this time in sepia).

ok, that's enough!


Best Business Brands

Miscellany Monday. I got to spend time with my #2 nephew... (his sister sleeping in the other room) ...we worked on some stuff... important work ...

Our Village is a Little Different

I love that photo, too.
We have been enjoying the Titanic shows, too. the boys have had a Titanic fascination for years.
Your garden looks so nice, and neat!

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