Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5 Days of Homeschooling An Only Child

It's day two of 5 Days of Blogging with the Homeschool Crew and today I'm going to be writing about Homeschooling An Only Child and what it is like to school at home with just one.

I'll be breaking this article up into two categories: Benefits and Challenges, and I want to start with our Challenges because I think that it is important to point out that families with only one child have similar struggles as larger families.

~ Challenges ~

One challenge that I face is motivating Funny Bunny to get school started and then get it completed.  She doesn't have siblings that she can work with and she can't compete with brothers or sisters to get assignments done or even challenge others in games.  Each day is a new challenge and can become a struggle at times. 

Another challenge we face is boredom.  I try to rotate subjects and make things as fun as they can be, but to be honest, I'm sometimes not great at that.  We may be in the house for a couple days, and even the breaks in between subjects can get boring. 

One last challenge we face is giving constant attention.  With no other children in the house, I am next in line.  ;)  She is pretty good about playing on her own and keeping herself occupied, but when that wears off, she comes to me.  Of course this isn't necessarily a bad thing, just a constant thing.  ;)

~ Benefits ~

I've listed a few challenges, but there are so many more benefits!!!  So what can be good about homeschooling just one child?  Although we do get off track from time to time, I can get us back quickly and finish what we need to do each week.  It is not hard to meet the goals that I have made for the year.  We also have a lot of flexibility in our schedule and can attend most field trips and activities that come up each month.

I love that I can give all the one-on-one attention that is needed.  Our curriculum is pretty parent intensive.  I have to sit with her for almost every subject still, so it is a lot of work from me, but I enjoy spending that time with her.

More things I love: spending unlimited quality time together, snuggling up on the couch and reading good literature, laying on the floor and drawing pictures together, bird watching, swinging, cooking, and even cleaning together!  I could go on and on!

I think all families, large and small, face unique but similar challenges.  Some days are good and some are hard.  Some days I feel like the odd homeschooling family with just one child, but regardless, I know I enjoy homeschooling and wouldn't do anything differently.  :o)





Hi there, I am also HSing my only child who is 5.5 years old. I am so glad to read that there are so many out there with only child and HSing! I would like to ask though doesn't your child ask you for a sibling? Mine wants one so bad and keeps on asking me for a bro or sis!

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