Monday, May 21, 2012

miscellany monday

miscellany monday at
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on saturday funny bunny had auditions at her dance studio for next year's company class.  she is in one of the company classes already but had to try out to either stay where she was or move up.  although she was nervous about the audition, she was happy to stay where she was.

it was announced late saturday evening who made the classes.  she ended up moving up!!!  she was already in bed when i heard the news so i didn't wake her.  i told her first thing sunday morning and was nervous about her reaction since she told me she didn't want to move up.  well, she has been on cloud nine ever since!!  i guess she thought she would not make the move up so she was not expecting it.  she is still giddy!!  below is one of her dance recital pictures.

last night she wanted her nails painted and picked the colors...this is what the result was. :)

today funny bunny woke up fine but then started complaining of upper leg pain.  not sure if she slept funny or pulled something, but it hurts her to move it.  there is no bruising and it doesn't hurt if I poke it, so i'm stumped.  she has been laying with it propped up for a few hours now and I gave her some advil for the pain.  hoping she just slept funny and it will go away soon.



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