Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brew Over Ice: The Cool Side of the K-Cup

I love my Keurig coffee maker!!  We don't drink a ton of coffee so when I am the only adult home during the week, just one cup is enough for me.  And making my coffee with K-Cups is so simple, Funny Bunny will often make it for me.  :)

What I didn't know though, is that there are now K-Cup packs from Green Mountain and Celestial Seasonings that are specially blended to brew directly over ice!!  So now, not only can I make my favorite hot coffee, I can make my favorite iced drinks as well.

I love iced tea, but I'm not big on brewing a big pot of tea on the stove and then putting it in the fridge for later.  No one else at our home even likes iced tea but me.  But now, I can pop in a K-cup and brew myself a cup!

I liked the iced teas better than the iced coffees, but they were all good.   The two teas I tried were Half and Half: Black Tea and Lemonade and Southern Sweet Black Tea.  They were both sooo YUMMY but I think I liked the Southern Sweet Black Tea the best!

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Leah C

My son loves his Keurig and has recently discovered iced coffee. He'll be thrilled with these!

Our Homeschool Reviews

They are so good. I'm partial to the iced teas though. :)

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