Monday, August 13, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal 8-13-12

In my life last week…  

I had a great week with Thirty-One last week!  I worked on closing and submitting a party, signed up my third recruit, and was able to earn a nice incentive!  My work has been steady and I feel so blessed!  My goal this month is to reach out to new people and schedule parties for October and November. 

In our homeschool last week…  

Funny Bunny finished Unit 6 ~ The Israelites in Egypt in her Heart of Dakota book, Preparing Hearts for His Glory.  I read aloud several chapters in Grandpa's Box and started reading Tirzah aloud.  


She also finished Lesson 5 ~ Food Webs in Christian Kids Explore Biology.

My favorite thing last week was…

Listening to Funny Bunny play the piano.  I had to miss her piano recital on Friday but recorded her playing at home.  She makes a couple mistakes in the video because I think she was not thrilled with me recording her {and she wouldn't do a second take}.  She did it perfect at the recital.  :)


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