Friday, September 14, 2012

Homeschool Mother's Journal 9-14-12

In my life this week…  

I'm still working on eating a plant-based diet and it has actually
been easier than I thought!  Can't wait to share more thoughts about my week with you on Menu Plan Monday!

In our homeschool this week…  

Our new schedule is in full swing and this is the first week with all activities going at the same time.  Thank goodness we homeschool and there is no homework!!  Wednesdays and Fridays there are no extracurricular activities. 

4:15 - Broadway
6:00 - American Heritage Girls

Tuesday (school finished by noon)
1:00 - Essentials Class
4:30 - Jazz
5:15 - Tap
6:00 - Company

Thursday (off from school)
9:30 - Community Bible Study 
12:00 - Park (some days)
3:30 - Piano
4:15 - Lyrical
5:00 - Ballet

Since the last time I posted, Funny Bunny finished Unit 10 ~ Early Greece and Rome and started Unit 11 ~ The Israelites Worship Idols in her Preparing Heart for His Glory book.

In science she is learning about the different types of trees.

In CBS we are studying Hebrews.  I opened her book so she could complete the first two lessons today and found these At-Home Challenges.  What a great idea!!

Here are the books she is currently reading.

My favorite thing this week was…

Watching my little girl grow.  I can remember when she was in the youngest group at Awana and now she is in the 9-12 year old group with AHG.  She started ballet the month she turned 3 and now she is in Junior Company.  Mommy/baby playdates and now I'm dropping her off at friend's homes.  I'm with her everyday but it just seems like time if flying by.  ♥


Harvest Moon by Hand

So true about how quickly they grow up. I think that's one of the benefits of homeschooling is that we are able to spend more time with our children and see them grow up. Enjoyed reading about the variety of activities you did this past week.


I love how you listed your schedule. I wondered if you would like to participate in my weekly feature, Who Home Schools. If you'd like to be added to the schedule please send me an email.

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