Sunday, February 3, 2013

Capture the Flag Book Review

A review by Funny Bunny {my 9-year old daughter}: 

Capture The Flag, by Kate Messner, is about three kids named Anna, José and Henry.  They are waiting on an airport bench because of a flight delay.  José is reading, Anna is trying to interview Senator Snickerbottom, who is running for president, and Henry is just worried about losing lives on his SuperGamePrism-5000, if anything.  

Suddenly, shocking and devastating news is revealed:  The American Flag has been stolen!  The trio, after becoming friends, tries to solve the mystery.  Was it the mysterious man they call "Snake-Arm", who looks to be in a hurry?  Their search for the flag leads them into the baggage claim, where they meet face-to-face with Snake-Arm.  When they exit the baggage claim, a surprising discovery is made – one that is unexpected to all. 

I like Capture The Flag because it has mystery, excitement, and suspense!  If Kate Messner writes more books like this one I would love to read them!

Find Out MoreFind out more about Capture the Flag at Amazon.  It's available in hardcover for just $11.55 or for the Kindle for only $9.34.  You can also read more about the author, Kate Messner, at Scholastic.  You can even download a Teaching and Discussion Guide!

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Thanks for the review. Brennan and I saw this book last summer, and I had forgotten that I meant to write it down for our "to read" list.

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Funny Bunny really liked it! If you end up getting it, let me know what Brennan thinks! :)


I just came across your blog post and wanted to let you know how delighted I am to hear that your home schooler enjoyed CAPTURE THE FLAG. Its sequel, HIDE AND SEEK, is also out now (set in Costa Rica's rainforest) and the third book in the series, MANHUNT, will be out next year. (I'm revising that one now!)

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Kate, thank you so much for stopping by. Funny Bunny was very excited to see that you left a comment. We'll be looking into getting Hide and Seek soon. She can't wait!

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