Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: My First Green Smoothie

Here it is, my first green smoothie!!  So far I've had one for lunch on Monday and Tuesday and that's the plan today.

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I love banana smoothie.
Thanks for hosting. Happy WW.

Sara Hickman

How did it taste?

The Hickman Five

Our Homeschool Reviews

It was good. Yesterday I made it with one less chard leaf so it was more berry tasting for my dd. She drank a small glass of it...which was a small miracle. Going to adjust it today too because I would like her to drink more of it if she will.


My son enjoys those Kale shakes every day. I don't get it.


Our breakfast smoothie:
-2 frozen bananas
-big handful spinach
-lots of peanut butter
-a bit of honey
-spoonful of flax seed
-enough almond milk to make it smooth

My youngest two boys drink this with me every day! Very filling (thanks to the peanut butter).

Our Homeschool Reviews

Oh, thanks for the recipe! May have to try that one to see if my dd likes it.

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