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A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks Review

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A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks provides Educational and Professional quality lapbooks for all subjects and ages.  It has been several years since Funny Bunny completed a lapbook, so I was interested to see if she would still enjoy it.

Knights and Castles photo knightsandcastles_zps3e1f0ab1.jpeg They have hundreds of lapbooks to choose from and we were lucky to receive Knights and Castles, which goes along with the time period we are studying, so it was perfect!!

Written from a Christian perspective, this lapbook starts with the fall of Rome, leads into the Middle Ages and then the real fun begins when learning all about knights, castles, heraldry, serfs, peasants, and much more. 

We have really enjoyed working on this lapbook for the past few weeks, especially Funny Bunny!  Not only has she learned a ton about knights and castles, it went right along with what we were already doing.  She is already asking when we are going to do the next one!!

They have stand-alone lapbooks and also lapbooks that go along with specific homeschooling programs. Their lapbooks can be printed on white or colored paper. 

If you have never created a lapbook before, no problem.  The first few pages of each lapbook guides you through the simple process.  They include instructions on how to assemble the base and give examples of different paper folds.  Supplies for our lapbook included:

*  Lapbook Pages
*  3 Colored File Folders
*  Scissors
*  Glue
*  Stapler
*  Brads or Stapler
*  Hole Puncher {although I can't remember needing this}

One of the best things about A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks is that you really do not need any other resources.  Before each lapbooking activity there is a brief summary of the topic.  I would read that to Funny Bunny as she was cutting and then she would complete the piece before gluing it in.

Thoughts of a 9-Year Old:  I LOVED IT!!!  It was fun.  Mommy and I had a good time.  I would like to have another lapbook soon.  This was a good lapbook topic too.  I really liked this wonderful lapbooking experience. 

Find Out More:  You can find out more online at A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks. Knights and Castles is for grades 2-7 and just $13 for an instant download, $14 for a CD, or $21 printed.  We received the instant download and printed as we needed.  Here you can see some sample pages.  Other members of The Crew received The Earth, Astronomy and Space, and Letters, Numbers, and Shapes

My Crewmates are also reviewing A Journey Through Leaning Lapbooks, so you can check out what they think HERE.

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