Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Don’t Let Your Kids Miss This!!


I know that a lot of people have already heard about this, but I wanted to be sure that you hadn’t missed it.  If you’re looking for a good AND educational activity to keep your kids engaged during the summer {and learning at the same time}, I wanted to pass this on to you.  

There’s this amazing hands-on summer science camp that kids do online, so they can do it on your schedule and never even need to leave the house.  But, it’s still a totally hands-on camp, so they’re really building things and doing cool experiments.  Plus, it’s designed so they can do it themselves {perfect if you’re busy like me, or if science isn’t your thing}.

Originally registration closed at the end of last week.  But, it turns out there’s still some space left in the camp, so they’ve just re-opened it for 2 days {registration closes on Thur. May 23}.  If you want to give your kids a really amazing summer, check it out! 

So take a moment to head on over to Supercharged Science now!


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