Friday, May 17, 2013

Homeschool Mother's Journal 5-17-13

Things are finally starting to slow down and some extra curricular classes are ending.

In our homeschool this week…      

We are finally finished with Preparing Hearts for His Glory!!  It feels so good to be done...and it's not even the end of May!

Funny Bunny is still working on a few things, but she is done with everything before lunch.  

Math Word Problems, Writing, and Reading Comprehension

Math Mammoth {Review coming soon}

Prima Latina {Review coming soon}

Books Funny Bunny is reading independently...

In my life this week…   

Well, there hasn't been as much running around this week, which has been nice.  And the house is a lot cleaner!  

If you've been following my blog or Facebook page, you know we have been watching our caterpillars growing in our garden.  Yesterday we had to go out and buy another milkweed plant because they have almost completely eaten the first one.  

It's actually been a really good learning opportunity.  We already knew about their life cycle, but we've learned about their eating habits, other insects in the garden like aphids, ladybugs, milkweed bugs, and ants, and we've learned about their predators.  And did you know that ladybugs have a life cycle too?  That was news to us.  Look it up, you'll be surprised!

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