Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Fun

What have you been up to this summer so far?  Last year I made a Summer Fun List and actually got through most of it, but this year it just seems like we have been busy with...STUFF!

I'm not totally sure what stuff we have been doing, it's just been busy.  Do you feel that way at all?  Do you ever have thoughts of what you want to accomplish over the summer but they never get done?

Here is what Funny Bunny has been up to:
Dance Recital

Weekly Chorus Class
Roller Skating 
Monthly AG Book Club
End Year Testing
Baseball Game

I've been:
Having the roof fixed
Dealing with a fridge that stopped working :(
Trying to update my social media sites
Keeping up with cleaning the house
Hubby and I did get to go on a weekend trip so that was nice!! 

LOTS of reviews
Thirty-One Party {yay!!}
Dance Camp for Funny Bunny

What I'd like to do with Funny Bunny {if I can only find the time}:
Girls Day Out {shopping, nails, etc}
Swimming at Grandma's

Do you have any fun summer plans or ideas?  I'd love to hear them!

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