Monday, September 16, 2013

PeopleKeys Review

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I had the opportunity to review a different kind of product through PeopleKeysPeopleKeys provides assessments that help organizations and families better understand potential employees and/or other individuals.

 photo peoplekeys-childrensprofile_zps4c217fc3.jpgPeopleKeys offers a multitude of products, but I was able to review their DISC Profile: The Children's Profile

The Children’s Profile, developed for children ages 9-13, introduces the DISC Personality Style concept, gives an overview of each of the styles, and identifies a child’s unique Personality style. 

 I received one, simple 25 page booklet in the mail with everything I needed to complete and score her DISC Profile. 

It was recommended that hubby and I complete the DISC Personality Profile before Funny Bunny so we have a better understanding of the test, and also find areas where we are similar and different to her style.

Both he and I took the test and scored it within just a few minutes.  Then we gave the test to Funny Bunny and she answered the questions with ease and I scored hers as well.  There are just 20 questions and they take about 10 minutes to answer.

Grading was simple.  Answers fell in one of four categories {D.I.S.C}.  We just added them up and found which column(s) had the most answers. 

So what did we find? 

Funny Bunny has an "IS" personality.  I stands for "Influencing" {enjoys talking to people, sharing, being involved, loves people} and S stands for "Steadfast" {kind, patient, friendly, enjoy pleasing others}.

Some things the results pointed out were that we need to work on keeping her focused on completion and avoiding procrastination and also that she is resistant to change.  Those are all spot on!!!

I have an S "Steadfast" personality {like Funny Bunny} and hubby has a "DC" personality "Determined and Conscientious" {totally opposite of us both}!!

Some things we learned, but really knew already, was that she is sensitive in nature and can be easily hurt by hubby's often abrupt communitcation style.  He will also get frustrated when he wants to get something done and she is in la la land.  ;)

Since her and I have a similar style, I have to be careful that she doesn't try to take advantage of me and communication may also be a problem as we both may be trying to please the other.

Even though I knew our styles were somewhat different, I found it very helpful for all three of us to take this test and discuss the results.  It helped Funny Bunny understand why we have trouble communicating sometimes.

Thoughts of a 10-Year Old:  The test was easy to take and helpful for parents to try to figure out their children's personality.

Find Out More:  You can find out more online at PeopleKeysThe Children's Profile is for ages 9-13 and just $15. 

My Crewmates are also reviewing PeopleKeys, so you can check out what they think HERE.

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