Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Look Who's Busy Eating

Funny Bunny and I cleared out the weeds and over grown plants from the spring garden last week.  The day we cleared them we found a butterfly in a little nook at the very top of the swing set who had just emerged from it's chrysalis.   

Then a couple days later Funny Bunny found this guy {and she took this amazing picture}.  We knew that butterflies were still laying eggs but I haven't seen a caterpillar in a while.  I'm sure it has been because we weren't out there most of the summer because of the heat. 

Isn't she beautiful?!  Just love to see God's hand at work!!

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nice photo.

The Jenny Evolution

Reaching out to my Wordless Wednesday community! I just started a Facebook Group called Mommy Bloggers Share and wanted to reach out to you. I'm always looking for great ways to connect to other mommy bloggers and see what other moms are writing about. I hope you'll join me and share your own posts as well.

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Thanks! My 10-year old took it. It turned out really nice!

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