Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Beloved and My Friend Book Review

My Beloved and My Friend is brought to you by the same award-winning authors of Raising Real Men: Surviving, Teaching and Appreciating Boys.  And although I don't have any boys of my own, I have heard many great things about the book.

I expected My Beloved and My Friend to be just as great so I was excited to receive it.

My Beloved and My Friend takes a Biblical look at what your marriage can and should be, and give you practical ways to make your mate your best friend--without changing spouses!

About the Authors

Hal and Melanie Young have been married for nearly thirty years and were friends before that.  They have been blessed with six  boys and two girls, frequently speak on parenting, education and family policy issues, and their articles have appeared in numerous publications. They wanted their children to know how to have a wonderful, Christ-centered, best friend kind of marriage like they were so thankful for – so they began to write My Beloved and My Friend.

At first glance, I like how the book is organized.  You can read it cover to cover or select the topic of your choosing from the Table of Contents.  There are 12 topics in all.

Leaving and Cleaving
How To Be Married To Your Best Friend
In Sickness and In Health
On Submission
Fidelity and Loyalty Are Not Mutual Funds
The Physical Aspect
Children and All That
Money - Yours, Mine, or Ours?
The Division of Labor
The Spiritual Aspect
Being of One Mind
How To Fight So You Both Win

Hal and Melanie tell insightful and inspiring stories throughout and reference meaningful Bible verses relating to the topics.  And although I didn't find that every chapter pertained to me and our situations, I found many of them helpful.

Find Out More: You can find out more online at Raising Real MenMy Beloved and My Friend is just $15.  You can pre-order a copy for Christmas delivery, two months before it's official release date.

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