Sunday, February 2, 2014

SodaStream House Party!!

I was lucky enough to be one of many bloggers who had the opportunity to review a SodaStream! Today we had our SodaStream Fizz & Football Superbowl House Party with friends and family!

It was fun trying it out and very easy to use.  Just simply connect the Carbonator to the back of the unit and you are ready to start.  Then fill a carbonating bottle with water, insert it in the front, and press down to add the fizz.  There are three different carbonating levels so you can adjust the level of fizz to your liking.

Then pop the bottle out and add one of the 70+ SodaMix flavors, from soda to tea to lemonade.

They even have SodaStream NEW Sparkling Naturals, made from cane sugar and other all-natural ingredients, making `better for you’ sodas. Sparkling Naturals contain no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners, and do not contain any preservatives.

Each bottle of concentrated SodaMix contains enough syrup to make about 12 liters or 33 cans of soda. Plus, there is no high-fructose corn syrup in regular flavors and no aspartame in diet flavors.

Carbonators are available in two sizes, 60 liters and 130 liters, but are not both compatible with all of their machines, so be sure to check online first before replacing yours.  Empty carbonators can be exchanged for a full one at participating SodaStream authorized dealers.

SodaStream can be purchased online or at one of the many authorized dealers, like Target, Walmart, Kohls, BJ's, and more.

If you are looking for an alternative to store bought sodas and flavored drinks and also something that is a little more earth friendly, then maybe take a closer look at SodaStream.

Edited on 3-11-14 - Since receiving the SodaStream, we've used it a couple more times.  Even though we like it, we have to find a place to store it, and it seems like a lot of work for a simple soda.  Hubby has also made a mess with it twice now. ;)  He does like it to make carbonated water, so for now it stays.  

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