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CTC Math Review

CTC Math Review

You may have heard me say that I'm always on the search for a good math program.  Well, I always am...and I know many of my readers are too!

Today I want to tell you about CTC Math.  I had actually read several posts about this math program before I  knew I would be able to review it. So I was happy to receive and review their 12 Month Family Plan.

CTC Math is really very simple and straightforward to use.  Once purchased, you activate your account by logging into the Parents' Area and setting up an account for each child. After you have added your students, they can log in by accessing the Student Login.

Once logged in, your child will see a screen like the one below.

You can see all the Courses are listed on the left.  I have 5th grade highlighted and in the center you can see the Stream.  The Stream is the same for 1st-6th grades.  I have Measurement highlighted and you can see the different topics listed to the right.  Once a Topic is selected, you can view all the lessons.  

Above you can see I selected the Topic: Units of Measure.  This topic has 7 lessons and none are completed so the bars to the right are empty.

When a lesson is selected, a short video pops up.  Most of the video lessons are between 4 to 9 minutes long {you can see the one below on Short Division is just 2 minutes and 33 seconds}. They can be paused, sped up, slowed down, or repeated.  You can even select the Lesson Summary and print out the lesson to review again.

Once the lesson is watched and understood, the child moves on to answering the questions.  Results for each question are immediate and they can correct their mistake right away.

Now let's take a look at the Stream for Number, Patterns, and Algebra.  You can see the topics to the right have changed and Funny Bunny has been working on these.

She's completed one lesson in Division, four lessons in Number II, and finished all the lessons in Fractions. She's also taken the Comprehension Tests for the first three topics: Number I, Addition and Subtraction, and Multiplication. She passed all three tests so I did not make her do any lessons since she proved she knew the material.  You can tell she took one test for each of those three topics by the little 1 to the right.

Above is a screen shot of the Topic: Number II.  You can see what it looks like when a child is working through the lessons.

Children work toward math certificates for successful completion of a topic. Platinum for a perfect score, Gold for the next level, and so on.  You can see above that Funny Bunny missed one question on Factors so she's now working on a Gold Level.  

Children in K-6 can re-take tests and get the average of their last three scores to possibly move back up to the next level.  For the levels above 6th, it averages all the scores, but their first one or two are weighted more heavily than the later ones.

They can also see their Award and Reports by clicking the icon in the lower left corner. Below you can see she has received a Gold Level Certificate for Fractions and she's taken three tests on the topics at the bottom.  You can also click to see more detailed reports.  

Parents are emailed a Weekly Report and can also log into the Parents' Area. There they can see all their students, results, more reports and certificates, and view their online activity.

CTC Math Review

The Details:

* 1400+ animated and narrated math lessons
* Over 57,000 interactive questions
* Diagnostic tests
* Instant feedback and reporting
* Learn at your own pace
* 24/7 access

Here's a great video explaining how it all works

My Thoughts:  I've tried many online math programs so I wasn't sure how I would feel about this one. I was pleasantly surprised!  I like how the lessons are short and to the point.  The site is easy to navigate and understand.  I also feel like it could be used as the sole math program or as a supplement, which is how we are currently using it right now.  We have a few more weeks in our current math program though, so Funny Bunny will be working solely in CTC Math over the summer.

Find Out More: You can find out more online at CTC Math.  Their 12 Month Family Plan, which is for two or more students in K-12, is just $118.80! That's an awesome deal for math for the entire family!!  But $118.80 is their special sale price for homeschoolers, down from $297, so you may want to check it out now.  They also offer single student plans, monthly plans, and 6 months plans.

You can also find CTC Math on Facebook {for U.S.} and Facebook for {AUS}. 

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