Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vegan Cuts Review

Last month I was contacted by Vegan Cuts and asked if I would like to review their March Snack Box.  If you've been reading my blog for the past couple months, you know that I started eating a plant based diet, so I was excited to try it out!

Each month Vegan Cuts sends out their Snack Boxes straight to your home.  You never know exactly what will be included, but they will always contain 7-10 vegan goodies, most of which are gluten free.  They are 100% vegan, meaning no animal products of any nature including honey.

Below is my March Snack Box

Loved it
Ocho Candy Organic Coconut Bar
R.W. Garcia Salt & Vinegar Tortatos
Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal
Earnest Eats Trail Mix Bar

 Our hands down favorite, just wish it was a bigger sample!

I'm not the biggest Salt & Vinegar fan but the flavor was not overpowering.  
We all loved these!

Pretty Good
Oogave Loca Diet Root Beer Soda
Explore Asian Soybean Noodle Soup

Deeply Rooted Roots Drink Powder
Garden of Life RAW Protein Powder

I don't really like protein powders so I wasn't too excited to see them in my box.  I really wish I had more snacky foods included but I know every month is different.

My Thoughts:  Overall I love the idea of getting a box full of different vegan goodies each month.  It was fun to try and find out about new vegan snack foods.  I had never heard of any of the products included in my box before I received it.  I'm now wondering, of course, what April's box will include. :)

I do wish there were more snack foods included though.  My box had 9 items from 8 different companies, 3 of which were protein powders.  Also, when I added the value of the items in my box, I came under the $19.95 price tag by at least a few dollars.  Shipping is always free though, so that's a plus!

Find Out More:  You can find out more online at Vegan CutsSnack Boxes are $19.95 a month with free shipping.  Vegan Cuts also offers a Beauty Box for $19.95 a month as well. 

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