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Victus Study Skills System Review

Victus Study Skills Review

Funny Bunny is 10 and she really has no concept of time, planning, studying, or working towards a goal.  Sound familiar?  Maybe you have a similar child?  I wouldn't necessarily use the word lazy to describe her, she's just not a self-motivated child.

So when I heard about the Victus Study Skills System , I thought it would be a good fit for her.  This system uses a different approach to studying and setting goals.  It's a way of thinking about how to study.

I received the Student Workbook and Teacher Edition.  The books are broken down into 10 lessons and those 10 lessons are broken into these three units - 

Foundational Cornerstone One: Where Am I Now?
Foundational Cornerstone Two: Where Do I Want To Be?
Foundational Cornerstone Three: How Do I Get There?

The Teacher Edition gives a good introduction of the course and it's objectives, as well as some teacher instructions before beginning.

It also gives a sample course plan, which I thought was very helpful!  It's suggested that the entire lesson plan be taught over five, one-hour sessions.  Of course, it's totally up to the instructor to determine what's best for the child, based on their age and learning style.  We worked on the curriculum for several weeks.

Where Am I Now?

This unit includes a Study Habits Checklist and then a Learning Strength Test.  Funny Bunny's results showed that her dominant learning strength is Kinesthetic and her secondary strength is Auditory.  So she learns best by doing and touching.  It then gives suggested aids for the three learning strengths. 

Where Do I Want To Be?

Unit two focuses on creating a mission statement, goals, and priorities.  Can you tell by the picture below what Funny Bunny wants to be when she is older?

She has a big dance tryout at the end of April, so she has decided that her goal right now is to make Premier Company at her dance studio, which is the next level up.  She also needed to make specific and measurable objectives.  I'm not sure she ever thought about this before, so it was a good exercise.

She chose three SMART objectives.  For it to be labeled as SMART, it needed to be...

Time Bound

We then decided on an action plan to achieve each of the objectives.  To help her remember them, we wrote them on sticky notes and stuck them on the mirror in her bathroom.

How Do I Get There?

This last unit focuses on time management, schedules, organization, and practice.  It has a great deal of information and I think it would be better suited for an older child who is trying to balance school, studying, organization, note taking, and more.

Since Funny Bunny is only 10 years old and schooling at home {where I make the schedule}, I didn't really feel like we could apply it too much yet.  I do see us using this section in the future though.  Especially the sections on organization and test preparation.

Find Out More:  You can find out more online at Victus Study Skills System.  The Student Workbook and Teacher Edition books are purchased separately for $20 and $40 respectively.  The products can be taught to all ages, but more teacher involvement is required with younger students.  The books are most appropriate for 5th to 12th graders.  You can download the Table of Contents from the Student Workbook or other sample pages from the Products Page.  Find out more be reading the FAQs.

You can also find Victus Study Skills System on Facebook and Twitter.

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