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Micro Business for Teens Review

Micro Business for Teens Review
We are always on the lookout for business opportunities in our family.  Funny Bunny has made bead jewelry and crafts in the past and has done well selling them to friends and family.  I've also had my hand in making and selling hair accessories and various crafts.  One thing we have learned from these experiences is that we enjoy making and selling things together.

So I was really excited to get the opportunity to review Micro Business for Teens.  We received three ebooks:

Starting a Micro Business for Teens
Running a Micro Business for Teens
Micro Business for Teens Workbook

Micro Business for Teens ReviewStarting a Micro Business for Teens is geared for ages 10-18.  Funny Bunny and I read through this book together.  It includes a wealth of information and I was happy that it was simple enough for pre-teens and teens to understand but great for adults too.

It gives great information and tips, as well as examples of the businesses actual teens have started.  Funny Bunny really enjoyed reading about other teens.

Micro Business for Teens Review
Running a Micro Business for Teens is all about...you guessed it...running a Micro Business for teens. :)  This book really gets into sales, marketing, customer service, record keeping, and more.

Funny Bunny and I have read most of it together but we are not quite to the point of running our business so we slowed down a bit.

Micro Business for Teens ReviewThe Micro Business for Teens Workbook goes along with both Starting a Micro Business for Teens and Running a Micro Business for Teens and will help put into place what you have learned.

Since we received the e-books, I selected several worksheets from the Business Plan for Funny Bunny to complete.

For her to be able to answer the questions, she really had to take a harder look into what she wants to do.

Funny Bunny had many business ideas, several of them having to do with dogs. She loves our dog Maisy and all dogs are special to her.

She narrowed her choices down to having her own Dog Treat Business.  I'm thinking she should combine it with dog walking or pet sitting, but right now she wants to try her hand at making and selling dog treats.

We were able to find a very simple recipe using ingredients we already had on hand and some cookie cutters we own. This way we could test out a recipe without being out of pocket.

Then we tried them out on our dog Maisy.  She loved them of course!  She was being very patient in this picture.

And tried them out of the two dogs across the street, Ace and Junior.  They seemed to like them too. They were not as patient...lol!

We still have some more things to work out, like the packaging, labeling, and advertising, but this was a start. I'm hoping to post an update once we get things up and running.

Thoughts of an 11-Year Old:  Micro Business for Teens is a great step-by-step guide for teens and tweens to learn how to easily start up a micro business. These books really help you start a micro business, keep it going, advertise it, and avoid financial problems, as well as giving examples of other teens' businesses. I think more teens and tweens will be able to start a micro business after reading Micro Business for Teens!    

Find Out More:  Find out more online at Micro Business for Teens.  Starting a Micro Business for Teens and Running a Micro Business for Teens are $9.95 each for the paperback and $4.95 each for the e-book.  The Micro Business for Teens Workbook is $14.95 for the paperback and $9.95 for the e-book. They also offer Money and Taxes in a Micro Business.

Be sure to also check out their Free Teachers Guide and Starting a Micro Business YouTube video.

You can find out more about Micro Business for Teens on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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Carol Topp

Thank you for the review! I really appreciate it.
Loved the photos of the doggie treats!
Your daughter is on the younger end of the scale for starting a micro business, but she can learn a lot from this business and maybe start a different one in the future! That's the beauty of a micro business: easy to start, easy to shut down and learn while earning!

Our Homeschool Reviews

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. Yes, she's on the younger end so I'm thinking she will start and stop several over the next few years. I'm happy for her to explore whatever areas of interest she likes. :)

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