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Go Science DVD Review

Go Science Review

If you have never visited Library & Educational Services you just have to!  LES is a wholesale supplier of wholesome educational materials, which serves educators, librarians, and church leaders of children's ministries.  It's free to register for an account, and once you do, you can save from 30% to 70% of regular prices.  

One of the many products they carry is the creation based Go Science DVDs Series 2 set.

Go Science Review

There are 7 DVDs in the complete set, which include:

Volume 1: Sound, Gravity, Space
Volume 2: Life Science, Weather
Volume 3: Air
Volume 4: Motion, Friction, Electricity, Light
Volume 5: States of Matter, Water
Volume 6: Chemistry
Volume 7: Engineering, Design, Flight

All seven of the DVDs are taught by Ben Roy.  Ben teaches at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and has formally directed News Channel 9 Science Theatre.  He has also produced science lessons for the Weather Channel,, and a Christian satellite broadcasting network.

We were able to receive and review two of the DVDs: Volume 2: Life Science, Weather and Volume 6: Chemistry.

Volume 2: Life Science, Weather {running time 1:02} includes 12 experiments.

Life Science
Flashlight Animal Eyes
Animal Skulls
Bobby Pins
* What Are You Looking At?
* How Much Do Your Lungs Hold?
* Eating Nails for Breakfast
* Naked Egg

* Fire and Tornado

* Ping Pong Cannon
* Liquid Nitrogen Cloud
* Cloud in a Bottle
* Garbage Can Vortex

Volume 6: Chemistry {running time 59:31} includes 11 experiments.

* Milk and Food Coloring
* Elephant Toothpaste
* Stains
* Staying Dry - Diapers
* Lava Lamp
* Instant Snow
* Silly Slime
* Hydrogen Bubbles
* Grain Elevator
* HHO Generator
* Mentos Fountain

Thoughts of an 11-year old:  We first watched Volume 2: Life Science and Weather.  Some of the lessons included smoke rings, animal skulls, clouds, and soda can-breaking ping pong balls - all of them homemade!  My mom and I were familiar with only a few of the experiments and we liked watching Ben Roy's enthusiastic approach to them all!  My favorite was when they made a huge nitrogen cloud.  They were all very fascinating!

The second DVD we popped in was Volume 6: Chemistry.  This was my first choice to review.  Just like the first one, it had a few tricks we already knew, but it really was cool!  My favorite was the homemade lava lamps ("can we make one?"), which were surprisingly easy to make.  I'm sure this one would be as tough as the last for favorites - even for me, who hands-down thought Chemistry would win.  It's too tough to decide though.

Science has outdone itself again, all while pointing to our Creator - God!

My Thoughts:  Overall I thought the videos are well done.  They are recommended for ages 4 to 12, but I think they would work best for the younger to middle of that range.  Ben does a good job of engaging the children on the video and explaining the experiments.  It is also nice that at the end of each demonstration, he points to God.

Here is a sample from one of the videos

Find Out More:  You can find out more about Library & Educational Services and the Go Science DVDs online.  Each DVD is just $8.97 and the whole series is $59.82.  The recommended age for the Go Science DVDs is 4 to 12 years old.

You can also find LES on Facebook.

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Sarah D.

Are there tests built in? And what about figuring out their grade percentage for the year? Is that possible with this program?

Our Homeschool Reviews

HI Sarah. Yes, there are tests. You can take tests for placement and also take tests at the end of each lesson. You can see above that in the topic Number II above, my dd has make a 97% topic average. You can also see her diagnostic test results in the screen shot after that. So, yes, there are tests and a grade percentage.

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