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Veritas Press Self-Paced History Review

Veritas Press Review

I can remember hating history as a child.  The material was boring and the books seemed to go on and on. There were no connections between events and we only learned the material so we could pass the test.

I'm glad that I now have a daughter who enjoys history, and we can learn together using products from a company like Veritas Press.  Veritas Press offers classical Christian education along with award winning curriculum.

Veritas Press Review

We have had the amazing opportunity to review the Veritas Press Self-Paced History.  There are five self-paced history courses available so we chose Veritas Press Self-Paced History: Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation.  We also received the Middle Ages, Ren & Ref Flashcards. We are going to be studying this time period in the upcoming school year so I thought it would be perfect!

Each self-paced history course has 160 classes that cover 32 important historical events.  Each of the 32 historical events span 5 lessons, which last approximately 30 to 50 minutes each.

The courses are self-paced, so your child can work on them when they want and repeat any that need repeating.  The course is available for 12 months from the time of enrollment, so parents do need to be mindful of how often their child is working.

The five courses available are:

* Veritas Press Self-Paced History: Old Testament and Ancient Egypt
* Veritas Press Self-Paced History: New Testament, Greece and Rome
* Veritas Press Self-Paced History: Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation
* Veritas Press Self-Paced History: Explorers to 1815
* Veritas Press Self-Paced History: 1815 to Present

As I mentioned earlier, we chose Veritas Press Self-Paced History: Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation.  

The classes are interactive and all taught with live actors.

Students play games and are quizzed throughout.  Quizzes and tests are automatically graded so they know their score immediately.

Both the student and teacher have areas where they log in.  The teacher's area lists the classes each student is taking and has all their graded assignments.  Below is the view the student will see.

The Middle Ages, Ren & Ref Flashcards are helpful and can be used throughout the course.  I would absolutely recommend getting them for the student to refer to.  The 32 historical events are listed on each card.

Thoughts of an 11-Year Old:  I like Veritas Press a lot, because it's funny, has a lot of facts, and the course makes it easy to remember everything.

Once you log into Veritas Press, you can launch the next lesson.  The lessons include things like mapping, history card review, games, and of course the new information.  Each one is unique and fun.  I think it's a great way to learn history!

My Thoughts:  I have really been enjoying this course and so has Funny Bunny. I feel that the material is engaging and activities varied enough that the student will not get bored.  And the material is reviewed enough that they will retain it.

I do wish, as the parent, that I could have more control over the slides.  The student is not able to move forward without first completing a section.  And they cannot skip lessons.  I don't  have a problem with this, but even as the parent, I cannot skip lessons or slides.

Once Funny Bunny paused the lesson toward the end and came back to finish it later in the day and then logged out.  When she logged in the next day it was back where she had originally paused it.  There was nothing we could do and she had to watch about 10 slides over again.  There was also a glitch in one of the games on two different occasions, and she had to play them a second time before she could move forward.

These are not things that would keep me from purchasing the course, it would just be nice if the parent could have more control.

Find Out More:  You can find out more online at Veritas Press.  The tuition for the Veritas Press Self-Paced History: Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation course, as well as the four other courses, is $199 with a $100 discount for siblings.  The course is recommended for grades 2-6, with the prerequisite that the child is at least 7 on the first day of class.  The Middle Ages, Ren & Ref Flashcards, as well as the cards for the other courses, are $19.95.

You can find Veritas Press on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

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