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3P Learning: Mathletics Review

Mathletics Online Math Review

I'm always on the search for a good math program.  There are so many different programs out there and math is one of those subjects that is hard to find just the right fit.

Today I want to introduce you to 3P Learning.  3P Learning is a leading online educator that specializes in math, spelling and literacy, reading skills, and science.  I had the opportunity to review their math program, Mathletics.
Mathletics Online Math Review
So what is Mathletics?  It's a multi-award winning learning resources that encourages students and rewards results by incorporating 7 key points.

* Engage: Safe, secure, and engaging online world of learning
* Target: Pre and post testing covering the early years to grade 12
* Diagnose: Reporting tools and diagnostics analysis for teachers
* Assess: Assessments and detailed reporting
* Reports: Real-time results and comprehensive reports
* Fluency: Fluency in core competencies, live with others around the world
* Mobile: Mathletics can be accessed on the go or in tablet-enabled classrooms

So how did we use Mathletics?

Once logged in, your child will create an avatar with customized hair, eyes, skin color, etc.  Funny Bunny enjoyed doing this, of course, since there was no math involved. :)

Each day you then have several different options of what you can do.  You can see below on the right hand side there are options for: Live Mathletics, Activities, Problem Solving, Concept Search, Rainforest Maths, and Times Tables Toons.

Live Mathletics: Children are able to compete with students from around the world in live, interactive math games.  You can select the grade level so it can get quite challenging.  Funny Bunny is not competitive so she did not enjoy this section.

Problem Solving: This section includes a ton of fun and interactive math games.  The more you play, the more you unlock.  Funny Bunny enjoyed this section but I made sure she completed the assigned math activities first.

Concept Search: This includes an animated math dictionary and concept search.

Rainforest Maths: Includes more interactive math activities for grades K-6.

Times Tables Toons: Great for children who need help with their times tables. Characters sing and dance their way through the times tables.  It's pretty hard not to sing along and even my 11-year old found it pretty catchy.

Activities: In the center of the screen below are the list of Activity Topics. Funny Bunny started right at the top with Number Sense.  The student can choose what to do or the teacher can assign different activities.

You can also see toward the bottom there are buttons to choose something easier or something harder.  We found the middle to be the best fit for us.

When a section is selected, the student will begin answering questions.  For instance, when I click on Rounding Decimals 2, this is the first question.

Students are awarded with points and gold bars for completing different activities.

The Parent Account offers access to all student accounts and resources like a Parent Toolkit and Instant Workbook.

You can view your child's progress and manage their account by doing things like assigning work and changing their current course level.

My Thoughts:  I think Mathletics is a great and comprehensive program that will be a wonderful fit for many families.  For us though, it was a bit too distracting with the avatar and games and Funny Bunny wanted to play rather than do the math activities.

Find Out More:  You can find out more online at Mathletics.  A home subscription, which includes an Instant Access 12-month Annual Subscription is currently just $59 per student {normally $99}.  Family discount prices are available and you can try it free before you make your purchase.  Mathletics is for grades K-12.

You can also find Mathletics on Facebook and Twitter.

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