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Roman Roads Media: Grammar of Poetry Review

Roman Roads Media Review

"To make high quality Classical Christian education accessible, affordable, and flexible for the Christian homeschooler."

That is the vision of Roman Roads Media.  If you are unaware of who they are, Roman Roads Media partners with master-teachers of classical education to offer high-quality curriculum for homeschoolers and classical schools.

We received the Grammar of Poetry to review.  The Grammar of Poetry is a video and textbook course that teaches the mechanics of poetry using the classical approach of imitation.
Roman Roads Media Review
The Grammar of Poetry is designed for children in grades 6-9 and is versatile enough to use over the course of a year, semester, or an even shorter period.

The course includes 30 Lessons within 9 Modules, which cover a wide range of topics like simile, metaphor, meter, pun, hyperbole, and alliteration, and contain activities, riddles, and poetry reading.

We received the Student Text, Teacher's Edition, and the 4-disk DVD set to review.  The Student Text gives instruction at the beginning of each lesson and is a workbook for the child to write in.  The Teacher's Edition is exactly the same as the Student Text but it gives the answers and includes a Final Exam, as well as some scheduling and lesson instructions.

I also thought the four Appendices in the Teacher Edition were very helpful. Included is a Poetry Anthology, Glossary, section on How to Grade Poetry, and Notes to Homeschoolers.

So how did we use it?

At first I didn't use the DVD.  I read through the lesson out loud to Funny Bunny, we would work through a couple questions together and she would complete the workbook activities on her own.  I'd then go through with her and help her make any corrections.  This seemed to work really well for us as the lessons are all very easy to understand.

We did take a look at the DVD for one of the lessons, but since Funny Bunny was not having any trouble and didn't need clarification, we did not continue with it.

On the DVD, Matt Whitling explains each lesson, gives examples, and works through a couple of the questions.  Each lesson lasts about 10-20 minutes and his instruction would be great for a child who is an auditory learner or one who may be struggling with the lesson.  We found however, that we didn't need to watch the DVD and could complete each lesson with just the Student Text and Teacher's Edition.

My Thoughts:  I think the Grammar of Poetry is a great introduction to poetry for those students who would like to learn more about it.  As I said above, I don't think the DVD is an essential component, but some children may need the extra help it provides.

Thoughts of an 11-Year Old:  Grammar of Poetry {which is recommended for grades 6-9} was kind of like grammar in the form of poetry -  reading and labeling poetry rather then sentences. It was fairly easy for me, and I pretty much understood the concept right away. In my opinion, it was just a little boring, but I always had the exciting riddles at the end of each lesson to look forward to. {If you've seen or read The Hobbit, you'll understand my liking for riddles and we actually found a riddle from the movie in here!} Overall, it was not may favorite subject in summer school, but it certainly taught me a few things!

Find Out More:  You can find out more online at Roman Roads Media.  The Grammar of Poetry bundle, which includes the Student Text, Teacher's Edition, and DVDs is on sale for $100.  The 4-disk DVD set by itself is $85, the Student Text is $22 and the Teacher's Edition is $24.

You can also find Roman Roads Media on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube.

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