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Apologia's iWitness Series Review

Apologia Review

We have had the opportunity the past couple months to read and review three books from Apologia Educational Ministries.

These three new apologetics resources are part of the iWitness Series.  iWitness Biblical Archaeology, Old Testament iWitness, and New Testament iWitness.

This iWitness series help children get answers to questions about the Bible, historical places, people, and events.  Each book digs deep to prove the truth.

Doug Powell, who has a masters degree in Christian apologetics, is the author of these interesting and interactive books.  He describes each book as a "stack of documents the reader has to make sense of as if they’re doing their own investigation".  

Apologia Review
iWitness Biblical Archaeology digs into the history of the Bible, from The Flood to The Burial Shroud of Jesus.  Did The Flood really happen?  Where is Noah's Ark located?  This book really delves into how we can answer the questions and more.

Reading about the Dead Sea Scrolls and how and where they were found was interesting, as well as the section about Jesus' World. 

Pictures of Peter's house and a Galilee boat are just a few of the many pictures that really bring the story alive!

Apologia Review

Old Testament iWitness explains how the Old Testament is different from the Hebrew Bible.  It inquires into who wrote the books of the Old Testament and how they were collected.

From reviewing old manuscripts to looking at the prophets, this book takes the reader on an interesting and thoughtful journey.

I thought the sections on the major and minor prophets were especially interesting.  Each is listed with their name, dates, and purpose, along with pictures.

Apologia Review

The New Testament iWitness I think is my favorite and most interesting of the three books.  It uncovers by sorting through all the information. Who wrote it and how do we know?  How was it handed down?  Were there any books left out and why?

This books investigates canon criteria, church fathers, The Gospel, rejected books, and recovered texts.

One of the most interesting sections for me was about the differences in the copies. Sometimes scribes made intentional errors because they thought something needed correcting.

My Thoughts:  Overall I think these three books are well presented and visually stimulating for both child and adult.  Funny Bunny and I sat together and I read them aloud.  She is 11 years old, and although some of the topics were a little confusing to her, she understood and appreciated most of it.  We enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures.

Find Out More:  You can find out more online at Apologia Educational Ministries. iWitness Biblical ArchaeologyOld Testament iWitness, and New Testament iWitness are just $14 each and are recommended for ages 11 and up.

You can also find Apologia on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest.

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