Friday, October 10, 2014

Diary of a Real Payne Book 3: Oh Baby! Review

Look out, Spooner, Wisconsin (and the whole rest of the world!) - it's EJ Payne!

And with her is an adorable new little bundle of trouble, Faith Payne! With a new little adopted sister, EJ can't wait to watch Faith's first steps in Converse All-Stars and hear her cute little giggles.

But not all is going right. CoraLee McCallister is as mean to EJ as ever, and the Space Invader, Isaac, is still going on his space-invading career. And although these things may seem bad, EJ knows the good things - her best friend Macy, her babysitting class, and her two favorite neighbor's wedding - in life will always be there for her, and so will God!

In the third book in the Diary of a Real Payne series, EJ faces the challenges of 5th grade, babysitting, her mean church-and-class mate, CoraLee McCallister, and wedding worries, and her cute but scream-y (and smelly) sister, Faith. EJ makes decisions based on what Jesus would do. And most of all, she lets her imagination run free!

I really liked Diary of a Real Payne Book 3: Oh Baby! because, like the last two, EJ is as silly, imaginative, and unsophisticated as ever, while she still praises and learns about God. I think EJ relates to a lot of us, because, like she says: "I'm a lot like Anne Shirley. Well-meaning but accident prone." I think we all think like this at one point!

The book was outstanding and it definitely made me (as always, with EJ) want more!

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