Monday, February 2, 2015

Homeschooling with Heart of Dakota Update

It's been a few months since my last Heart of Dakota update.  We are still working in Resurrection to Reformation and currently on Unit 20: The Spread of the Protestant Reformation.

Reading About History:  Funny Bunny was so happy to finish the readers and move on to Mystery of History Volume 3.  She has been enjoying reading through it on her own.  :)

History Storytime:  I am currently reading Mr. Pipes And Psalms and Hymns of the Reformation aloud.  It is a hard book to read aloud {long and wordy} but she really enjoys this series so I am sticking with it.

History Project:  We've been a little lazy about doing the history projects the last couple weeks. Below is her project from Unit 18.  She sketched and painted one of the most famous images that Michelangelo painted in the Sistine Chapel. She had to do it lying on her back while it was taped to the underside of a table. She does not like it because the brown paint for the shading was not working out, but I think it looks pretty good considering she was painting it on her back.

History Research:  Since we are learning about Martin Luther, she had to do her own research and learn more about Wittenburg, Germany.

Science:  For science she has been reading A Child's Geography Vol 1.  For the past few weeks she has been learning about the ocean currents, the water cycle, what causes the seasons, what makes up the atmosphere, evaporation, and what the earth is made of.  Below is a worksheet on the ocean currents from Unit 18.

Devotional Bible Study:  We are still working through Beautiful Girlhood. Although Funny Bunny thinks this book is a little old fashioned, I am really enjoying the time we are spending together reading through it and studying the Bible.

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