Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sleep Number and SleepIQ Technology Review

Last weekend my family and I visited our local Sleep Number store to learn about the new SleepIQ technology.  This was our first visit ever to a Sleep Number store and before entering the store we had no idea what SleepIQ was about.

As a matter of fact, we were under the impression that Sleep Number beds were way out of our price range...and boy were we wrong!

William, the Sleep Professional we met was extremely helpful.  He first had us lay on one of the beds and use the remote to find our sleep number.  Surprisingly, we both had fairly low numbers.  He then told us all about the SleepIQ technology.

This I thought was really innovative, especially for someone who has a husband who does not sleep very well at all.  SleepIQ basically tracks and journals your sleep patterns throughout the night.  The sensors in your Sleep Number bed measure your breathing rate, heart rate, and movement to track how you are sleeping.  Then it provides you with information you can use to make adjustments to your Sleep Number setting or daily routine to help you sleep better.

It gives detailed a detailed hour by hour summary on each night's sleep.

We were really intrigued by the technology so we started inquiring about the beds.  Like I mentioned earlier, they are really more affordable than we thought. Prices online right now start as low as $899 for a queen and $1,499 for a king. I'm pretty sure we spent close to that on our last mattress...which we have hated from the start.

Find Out More:  You can find out more about SleepIQ online at Sleep Number. Sleep IQ is $499.99 but if you purchase it with your new Sleep Number bed it is only $299.99.

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