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Memoria Press: First Form Latin Review

My daughter has been studying Latin since First Grade so I am always happy to review a new Latin package. This one comes from Memoria Press

Memoria Press is a family-run publishing company that produces simple and easy to use classical Christian education materials for home and private schools. Memoria Press’ educational philosophy can be best described as classical Christian education.

We received the entire First Form Latin Complete Set, which is an introduction to Christian Latin for grades 4-9. 

This package includes:

* Teacher's Manual (sample) and Teacher's Key (sample)
* Student Text (sample)
* Student Workbook (sample)
* Quizzes and Tests Book
* Pronunciation CD
* Flashcards
* Instructional DVDs

The Teacher's Manual lays everything out nicely.

When you first open the Teacher's Manual, you are given Teaching Guidelines, which include an Introduction. The first sentence should put everyone who is thinking about teaching Latin to ease: First Form is designed for teachers with or without a Latin background. I feel better already! 

Then you are given a Lesson Overview, which is very helpful. Lessons can be given to a full class or just one student. A full week's schedule consists of the following:

1. Lesson
2. Workbook
3. Oral Drill
4. Quiz or Test
5. Optional additional resources

The Lesson Overview gives extensive information on each item above, which is very helpful. It basically takes you step by step.

The Teaching Guidelines also have ideas for games and review activities, information on how to develop a syllabus, and a sample lesson.

Below you can view a sample lesson from the DVD

First Form’s grammar-first approach focuses on grammar forms and vocabulary because these are the skills suitable for the grammar stage student. However, the First Form Series is for students of all ages because all beginners, regardless of age, are in the grammar stage of learning.

After finishing First Form, students will have mastered:

* The six indicative active tenses of the first two verb conjugations
* Five noun declensions
* First and second declension adjectives
* 185 vocabulary words

Here is a sample from Lesson One out of the Student Workbook. The Workbook lessons are organized into the following sections: Word Study and Grammar, Conjugations or Declensions, Form Drills, Translation Skills, and Enrichment~Honors~Review.

PhotobucketMy Thoughts:  If you are a parent looking for a good Latin program for your child, I would recommend taking a closer look at Memoria Press. 

And if you decide to purchase First Form Latin, I highly recommend getting the larger package, which includes the DVDs. I personally think the DVDs are essential for a successful year.

I also think the Teacher's Manual does a good job instructing the teacher on what to do. It even lays out what to say next. 

Find Out More: You can find out more about First Form Latin and other Latin programs at Memoria Press. First Form Latin is for grades 4-9 and completion of the program is equivalent to one year of high school foreign language. The books are sold individually or in packages. The package I received, which is the First Form Complete Set, is $125. The First Form Basic Set, which does not include the Instructional DVDs and Flashcards, is $65.

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