Friday, September 10, 2010

CSN Stores - Have You Heard Of Them??

Just a couple months ago, I would have said no.  So you may not know who they are either.  Based in Boston, CSN Stores began in 2002 and has grown into a Top 3 online U.S. retailer of home and office goods.  They have more than 200 stores where you can purchase things from cheap bedroom furniture, home decor, and housewares to things for children, school and office supplies, and fitness equipment.  You can literally spend hours looking on their site for all they have to offer!

So, why am I telling you all of this?  Our Homeschool Reviews is excited to announce that I will be trying out and reviewing one of their products very soon!!  I'm not going to tell you what it is yet, but you can guess if you like.  You can find the mystery product at their Cookware Store if you look hard enough.  Now their cookware store is pretty huge, so your one and only clue is that it is something that I have never used before.  Hmmm...

I'd love to hear your comments on what it could be.  I'll be posting my review on it soon.



Is it this:

That looks neat!


I'm doing a review for one of their products too. You'll have to wait and see what it is - but it's NOT cookware. :)


I'm going to say the stainless stee BBQ box.

This looks like a fun company to do reviews for.

Tolle Lege Christian Academy

Is it something you've wanted to try in the past, or something brand new to you? :-) I see something I've been wanting to order for awhile now, and now, I just might! :-)


I'm doing a $35 Gift Certif GiveAway from these kind folks~whoohooo! Congrats on the review!

One Mom

No one has guessed it yet, but those were some good guesses. It is something I have wanted to try!

Our Village is a Little Different

Oh, my. I should NOT have looked at that site!! Now I am itching to cyber shop! Those turbo ovens and rotisseries are cool. Is it one of those?

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