Monday, September 13, 2010

Free Time - Where Is It and How Do I Get It?

As homeschooling parents, free time may be hard to come by. We are with our children 24/7.  They are there when we wake up, get dressed, eat meals, go to the bathroom, and go to bed.  Days start running into one another and it all starts all over again.

So do we deserve free time?  YES!  Should we feel guilty if we get it?  I don't think so.  We need that time to re-energize and to stay focused.  We all love our children, but I'm sure everyone has had those days where you just want to pull your hair out!  Don't deny it, you know you have. ;o)  We all need to have balance in our lives and spend some time with other adults.  So how do we find that free time to take?

First, I think it is important that you spend time with your spouse without your children.  Take that time to reconnect with each other without someone calling your name a 100 times in 30 seconds.  If you have family in town, ask if they would watch the children while you and your spouse go on a date.  Maybe once a month they could spend the night at grandma and grandpa's house.  Wouldn't that be nice!!

If you have no family in town, maybe you have a friend in the same situation, and you could swap children for a few hours.  You watch theirs one night and they can watch yours another night.

Of course, getting a babysitter is another option, but I would only do this if I totally trusted and knew the person for many years (and installed video cameras all over the house and camped in the backyard watching their every move for at least a year)  That does qualify as free time you know! ;o)

Ok, so what about free time with your friends?  I think this is great too, but only in moderation.  A couple times a month is great.  You and your spouse can take turns watching the kids.  Whenever I go out for a mom's night, they get to have a daddy/daughter night.  There are not many times when they get time alone with each other (since I am always there), so it is a special time for them!

What about other times?  I think it is great to have a quiet time in the house each day so you can relax and have time to yourself.  Kind of like a lunch break, but usually later in the afternoon.  If the children are past the napping age, have them play quietly with each other in their rooms for a set period of time.  You can even try setting a timer so they know when the timer rings, quiet time is over.

I know free time for yourself can be hard to come by and sometimes nowhere to be found, but if you make an effort to schedule it, it can really be a great thing!



Quiet time?! I wrote about that on my post too, but didn't get any today, lol! Instead, we definitely had 'one of those days', but hubby came to the rescue with dinner, thankfully.


Hello! I am visiting from the Blog Cruise. This is the first time I've visited your blog - I love the books background.


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Great thoughts!

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