Monday, October 4, 2010

CSN Stores Review

Back in September Our Homeschool Reviews was given the opportunity from CSN Stores to purchase an item and write a review.  I wrote about my mystery item HERE and gave everyone a chance to guess what I was going to review from their Cookware Store.  So, I bet you are still sitting at home, trying to figure out what I had purchased that I had NEVER used before, right?  You are, aren't you??  Ok, you may want to sit down before you hear this!!!  Are you sitting?  I bought a.....CROCKPOT!!  I know, I know, I've been sheltered most of my life and never used a crockpot up to this point.  Hope you are not disappointed because I found a great one in case you are in the market for a new one, or your first one, like me!  

I purchased the Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6 Quart Slow Cooker.  I was a little worried cooking for this first time in this new appliance.  So, with a little help from and from my dear husband, we pulled it off.  ;o)  

We picked a Jambalaya recipe and it turned out really good, and even better the next day!  

My Thoughts The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6 Quart Slow Cooker is the perfect size for a small family like ours (think leftovers), or a larger family.  We cooked for some friends of ours, and we were able to feed 4 adults and 2 children, as well as have leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day.  

The bowl is very sturdy and I love the fact that it has the clip-tight lid to prevents spills when moving it or if you plan to take it to someone's house.  

Find Out More: The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go 6 Quart Slow Cooker sells for $34.95 at CSN Stores Cookware Store

Disclosure: This product was given to Our Homeschool Reviews for free for review purposes, and I do not have to return the product to the vendor. I have received no compensation from it and all opinions and experiences within this review are my own.


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