Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: My First Ever!

This is my very first Weekly Wrap-Up and I'm excited to get started!!  I thought this would be a fun weekly post and hopefully it will help me update everyone on what we have been doing each week.  

This week was a pretty busy for us since it was a short week.  Dh had off work on Monday for Columbus Day, and although we did fit in a little school, we had the day off, and spent it relaxing and running errands. 

Tuesday was our first day back to using Heart of Dakota's Preparing Hearts for His Glory schedule.  We started over the summer and took a brief pause when we hit Rome, so we could go more into learning about Rome, it's culture, architecture, advancements, and rulers.  We started back with week 18, which focus is "The Savior Arriving on Earth."

Wednesday we had our monthly zoo classes.  The zoo here is about 45 minutes away, and our dd is taking three-45 minute classes.  Wednesday's classes were about the classification and identification of birds and mammals.  We were able to spend about an hour at the zoo afterwards, and then came back home for piano lessons.

Well, as you can imagine, whenever zoo classes are scheduled, it makes for a busy week.  Thursday we had our morning Community Bible Study and then back home to work on school.  In CBS, both the moms and homeschooled children are studying Servants of God, and the first book we are reading is Joshua.  So far so good!!  :o)

Today we finally got to relax and settle down for a bit.  We had no commitments so we worked on school and I caught up on cleaning the house. I love when I get caught up on feels so good!  

Right now my dd and her friend are playing in the backyard with our dog and pulling up weeds in the yard and replanting them under the swing set.  It is such a beautiful day and I have the windows and doors open...I'm so glad they are having fun!  

So that is it!  My first Weekly Wrap-Up.  I hope you enjoyed a look into our week.  

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Congratulations on completing your first weekly Wrap Up. We usually have an easy day when Dad's home, too. It's too hard to work when someone else is having fun. Have a great weeekend!

Giggly Girls

Welcome to the wrap-up!! School sounds like fun at your house.


Good week- and glad you are participating in the Weekly Wrap-Up. It's fun and a good way to compile our week. :)

See Jamie blog

Welcome to the weekly wrap-up! I'm guest hosting next week, so I hope we'll see you there! :)


Welcome to the Wrap-up!

Tolle Lege Christian Academy

Nice week! :-) I know you'll do better at posting weekly than I've ever done. ;-)

tie-dyed doula

Hi there! Great blog! I was wondering about the Community Bible Study, I'd love to hear more about that. I think that would be a great thing to do in my area. My email is if you've got time. Thank you!

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