Monday, October 18, 2010

What Stops Our Homeschooling?

Today's TOS Blog Cruise topic is "How do you homeschool during illness or family stress or crisis?"  To put it simply, we don't!!  Although we don't have too much family stress or crisis (thank goodness), we do have the occasional illness.  If the illness is just a stuffy or runny nose, we will usually still complete school.  However, if it is accompanied with a fever or other symptoms, school is out for the day, or possibly the week!  

The day is usually spent on the couch resting, sleeping, watching TV, or playing Wii.  So, as you may guess, my daughter actually enjoys being sick.  We normally do not turn the TV on during the day, and Wii time is reserved for the weekend or when daddy is home in the evenings.  She loves that she gets to lay around and play games all day when she is sick.  I think she will get more TV time in on those days, than weeks or even months combined!  At least it helps the time go by faster.  

As for me, I usually get a lot of cleaning around the house completed...and tend to the sickly patient, getting her what she needs!  Oh, and just in case you are wondering, I don't get sick, there is no time for that!  ;o)



I'm feeling a bit under the weather today myself! I don't usually get sick but I'm better than the others in our house. They catch it kids are sick today also so no school today!
And we follow the same pattern as you... tv and relaxing.


Great post! And, yes! I do love the flexibility of homeschooling. :)


School will stop if I get laryngitis or there are fevers (which are rare). Runny noses and cough, school continues here too. Good post!

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