Friday, December 3, 2010

Homeschool Astronomy Review and Giveaway

I had the opportunity this week to review one of the available presentations from Homeschool Astronomy.  There are currently 11 presentations to choose from:

Tour of the Solar System
Big is Relative
Extreme Phenomena
Jupiter and Saturn: The Gas Giants
Manned Space Exploration
Pluto and the Edge of the Solar System
So you think you know The Moon
Ice Giants: Uranus and Neptune
The Mighty Sun and the Cooking of Mercury
The Milky Way and other Galaxies

All presentations include a full screen presentation, script to read along with each slide, and discussion questions.

I received Tour the Solar System and my daughter and I watched it this week. 

My Thoughts:  The presentation is very easy to use.  Once you open it, all you have to do it hit F5 to view it in full screen mode, and use the space bar to advance the slides.  

It first starts off with an objective and a warm up activity, which I thought was nice.  The pictures are from NASA and beautiful, but some of the wording was a little hard to read, either against the background color or against the pictures.  

The information was accurate and complimented our current studies nicely, although I wish there was mention of God, especially when talking about how perfect the earth is for us.  I do have to mention that there was one slide that was describing Venus as the average person’s conception of hell.  It said that if you were to land there, you’d be crushed to a Frisbee-sized chunk of flesh, and although that probably helps paint an accurate picture, it wasn't so fun read that to my 7 year old.  With that said, I would view the presentation ahead of time, just in case. 

Thoughts of a 7 Year Old:  It was really colorful and I enjoyed it because it was pretty. I liked the pictures, and it told me some things I never learned before!  

Find Out More:  You can purchase any of these presentations on the Homeschool Astronomy website.  You can either receive each one by email for $9.95 or on CD for $11.95, and they each come with a money back guarantee.  


So, here's how to enter to win a Homeschool Astronomy Presentation! Only ONE comment is necessary to enter.

1. Visit the Homeschool Astronomy website and let me know what presentation you think your family would like best.  This is the only entry!

One random winner will be selected using on Friday, December 10, 2010. (U.S. Entries only.) If I am unable to reach the winner within 48 hours, an alternate winner will be selected. Your entry is only valid if you include a way for me to contact you (either an email address in your comment or on your profile). 

Disclosure: This product was given to Our Homeschool Reviews for free for review purposes, and I do not have to return the product to the vendor. I have received no compensation from it and all opinions and experiences within this review are my own.



What a cool thing to review! I'm jealous! LOL!

Right now, if I were to pick one, it would be the Manned Space Exploration one, as that ties into something Thomas is supposed to do for Scouts. Otherwise, I think I would choose the Extreme Phenomena one.


My 6 year old son would love Manned Space Exploration. Okay, he would love them all, but that was his top pick.

Cindy @ Fenced in Family

Nice giveaway! These presentations look great. I think my family would like Extreme Phenomena best. Thanks!

cindy at fencedinfamily dot com



Tour of the Solar System would work great for all my ages. Thanks for sharing your review. Actually, all of the presentations sound interesting and seem reasonably priced.

So thankful for my time on the crew this year.




I think we'd like Extreme Phenomena best.
nina (AT) msoa (DOT) net


I think the presentation my family would most enjoy is Extreme Phenomena.

My son is really into astronomy right now so he would truly love this!

frugalkelly (AT) hotmail (DOT) com

Lacey W.

The kids were really excited and wanted to see all of them, but they agree on "Far". This would be perfect because we are about to start our astronomy study.

Michelle Smith

Extreme Phenomena looks the most exciting, though the one on the different galaxies looks pretty exciting as well. My 12 year old would love these! :)


Right now I think we would like The Mighty Sun and the Cooking of Mercury.

Life with Levi

My son would love the manned space exploration


So you think you know the moon sounds intriguing.


Astronomy and Space is our science for the year so all of them would be awesome. I think the first ones we would explore would be the Milky Way and other galaxies or Tour of the Solar System

Our Village is a Little Different

What a cool site. We're studying astronomy this year, so I bookmarked it, and I'll be back. I think my guys would really love the phenomena presentation. They are so into that kind of thing.

Consumer Digest

thanks for giving the link ..its really nice presentation .. liked the The Mighty Sun and the Cooking of Mercury


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I enjoyed it.....Extreme Phenomena looks the most exciting.

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