Friday, December 3, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up #7

For the past couple weeks we have been focusing on science, specifically Astronomy.  We started on Apologia's Exploring Creation With Astronomy and have worked through the first chapter, which is an overview of Astronomy, and are now in the second chapter, which covers the Sun.  

The project from the first chapter is to create the solar system using balloons.  We decided to just string ours together instead of tacking them to the ceiling.  Here's what they ended up looking like.

In case you can't tell, the orange balloon at the top is the Sun.  Oh, and I'm still recovering from blowing these balloons up.  They were by far the hardest balloons I have ever blow up and a few hours later I had a sore jaw, which lasted for days, and got way worse before it got better.  I may never blow up another balloon again!

We also spent a lot of time this week learning about the season of Advent, which I talked about in an earlier post.  

How was your week?  Thanks for Joining Our Homeschool Reviews and for more Weekly Wrap-Up, this week I am linked up with Kris over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers



You need more celebrations which call for balloons :) No, not to make your jaw more sore but to get it used to it so that it won't be sore...or that's the theory!
Astronomy sounds interesting... we are working through Physics :) I figure we will get to it all -eventually :)

Our Homeschool Reviews

If there are other people around, I usually get them to blow them up. But that day it was just me...still they were really! It would hurt to open my mouth to yawn and sometimes to chew. Uggg! It's almost gone now.

I am hoping to use all of their books too!

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