Friday, January 7, 2011

"Big Red" Holy Bible Review

We completed our Bible Study this week using the "Big Red" Holy Bible, which we received in the mail several weeks ago.

According to the back cover, it is the first Bible translated especially for children (International Children's Bible: ICB). 

I was a little torn about what to write for this review, so I'll begin with what I like about it. 

It's a Bible!  Every child should have one and I don't think it should matter what the pictures look like or what the translation is. 

If you are a parent thinking of buying a Bible for your child that is great!  But, if you are a parent thinking of buying this Bible for your child, here are some things to take into consideration:

* I do not think the cover will not stand up over time.  We have had this Bible since Christmas and have used it for one week, and there is already significant wear on the cover and binding. 

* There are no introductions to each book.  Who wrote the book?  Why, where, and when was it written?  What is important about the book?  I think these are all things that help children (and adults) understand the book they are reading.

* Although the translation is easy to read and understand, the words seem bunched together and there are no headings for certain sections, like "Adam and Eve" or "The Flood".

* There are four maps in the back but there are some missing.  What about The Land of Twelve Tribes and Paul's Missionary Journeys?  Those are important maps to include.

My Thoughts:  I think this is a good Bible with an easy to understand translation, but I think more thought should have gone into some other details, making it a better Bible for children.

Find Out More:  The "Big Red" Holy Bible is available online at Thomas Nelson or Amazon

Disclosure: This product was given to Our Homeschool Reviews for free by Book Sneeze for review purposes, and I do not have to return the product to the vendor. I have received no compensation from it and all opinions and experiences within this review are my own.


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