Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our School Year

At our home we do not follow a traditional school year.  Instead of schooling from August to May and then taking a break for the summer, we school year round and take breaks when we need them. 

This past year was the first time we started a new school year in June and worked full speed through the summer.  It was so hot anyways, I figured I would give it a try.  It worked out very nicely!  Then when the weather cooled down in the fall, we took breaks to go to the park and to go on field trips whenever we wanted.  We also took more time off during the holidays than normal.  It's been so cold lately, we are looking forward to take some more time off in the spring. 

Year round schooling is also nice because we can take vacations whenever we would like and we don't have to worry about getting off track.  That goes for sick days (and lazy days too)!  ;o)

Lastly, I would rather not go on vacation or other trips when the schools are out, because wherever we go, it is bound to be packed.  There is nothing better than pulling up to the zoo with an empty parking lot or not having to stand in unusually long lines at the theme park.  :o)

So that is what our family does.  How about yours?



That sounds just like us! :)

The Adventurer

I couldn't agree more. We school all year and take breaks whenever it feels right. We are fortunate to travel a lot so it is nice to just be able to pick up and go and not worry about the school year:)

thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment to my daughter about her lapbook. She is so happy it has really given her a confident boost.
thank YOu

Modest Mama

Our state requires that we complete a school year before June 30, and start a new school year anytime we register after July 1. So that is what we do. I love taking 12 months to school rather than cramming it into nine. We haven't schooled in a full month now, having taken off time for sickness and to travel at the holidays. I love that I can truly enjoy this time of leisure and not have to worry about "fitting it all in."


Right now I stick to a regular school year schedule for the most part, because my son (who is special needs) still attends public school. But next year I intend to homeschool all of them and I would like to try year round schooling.

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