Friday, January 21, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday

Another Fit Mommy week completed (week three to be exact) and things are going great over here!  The best news is that the weather warmed up and I was able to go running a few times.  It felt so good, and although I was sore after the first run, it went away in a couple days.  I only had about a half pound loss this week, but any loss is a good one.  :o)  So, about 3 1/2 lbs down since I started on January 3rd!  Here's the rundown of my week:

Saturday: My first 30 min run  :o)
Sunday: Ran for 20 min (was pretty sore)
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Upper body workout with weights
Wednesday: Ran for 30 min
Thursday: Off
Friday: Lower body workout with weights

Saturday and Sunday I took off for my dinners only.  The rest of the week I ate pretty clean and am still drinking plenty of water. 

Watch out for my Menu Plan Monday where I'll be posting my meals for next week and maybe a recipe or two. 

My goals for next week are to continue running, eat clean, and drink lots of water.

Thanks for joining Our Homeschool Reviews. I hope everyone else participating Fit Mommy Friday had a good week as well. If you want to check the status of all the participants I am linked up with Denise at Got Chai?



Our Village is a Little Different

You're awesome. I was doing well this week until we baked cupcakes.


What a great week!

Our Homeschool Reviews

Thanks! Now just need to get through today without snacking (I feel the urge)!

Oh, and if I baked cupcakes here that would be a very bad!

Very Blessed Mamma

Yay! Congrats on the 3 1/2 pounds! And good job working out.


Good week! Congrats on the weight loss.

lexi @ pink and orange coffee are a better woman than I am! Congrats on the 3.5 and I look forward to your MPM.

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