Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Couponing 101: Part 2

Last week I wrote Part 1 on how to get started on couponing.  I talked about why you would want to start couponing, where to find coupons, collecting coupons, and where to store all those coupon inserts. 

So now you have a few weeks of coupon inserts and want to know what you should do.  The first thing you should do is find a good coupon website that posts weekly deals for the store you shop at.  Here are three of my favorites:

Frugal Coupon Living:  This site got me started with couponing.  I was flipping channels one day in 2009 and Dr Phil was on.  The topic was on Money Saving Tips and Tricks.  Frugal Coupon Living was featured and I was hooked!

Hip 2 Save:  Hip 2 Save is a very popular coupon website and posts about multiple online and in-store deals.  She also runs several giveaways per day.

Southern Savers:  Southern Savers quickly became my favorite site for my grocery and CVS needs!  I shop at Publix for groceries and she posts a weekly Publix list that corresponds with the ads for that week.  She also posts a weekly CVS ad which tells you exactly what to buy.  It's wonderful!!

I think three sites for now are enough to get you started.  You can always search for more, but if you look at too many, you may get overwhelmed.  Take some time this week to browse around each one to get a feel for what they offer. 

Next week I'll show you how to save money on your groceries by using these helpful weekly lists. 



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I am in my 16th and final year of homeschooling as my youngest is graduating this year. My oldest is already in college, but he was homeschooled all his life too (well, except for college, lol!).

Thanks for listing these sites. I need to really use coupons again. I have just been lazy and I will have to check out these sites. Thanks for sharing!

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Great tips Christine! I don't use coupons when I shop (but, I'm thinking I ought to). If I ever get inspired to use coupons, I'll be heading over to your site for all these wonderful resources! Thanks for linking this post to NOBH! :)

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