Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Where's Maisy?

Our daughter put all of Maisy's toys in her crate with her and took her picture.  I don't think Maisy was as excited about this as she was.  ;o)

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Maisy is a Sweetheart! You can't help but smile at her tolerance. Visting from TOS crew. I'm one of your GFC followers, but just connected on NetworkedBlogs, today.

I'm a new blogger and you inspired me to try Wordless Wednesday. My first photos are up and I'm looking forward to next week.

Your new blog design is charming and inviting. I'll stop by again, soon.


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging

Holy cow, that dog has some toys! I'm impressed she stayed in there, ours would have gone running.


That is too funny! I can so relate ... is that slippers I see?


What a cutie! My daughter tries to share her toys with our cars and neighter of them are too thrilled about it. Happy Wednesday!

Amethyst Moon



I'm a Schnauzer lover myself :)

Doll Clothes Gal Pal

I think she is in there somewhere? ;)


Now this made my actually LOL :)
Happy WW


Adorable! It's like a scene from Toy Story! :-)

Dutch Hollow

Mine all mine and you can't have any toys.

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet

She is adorable! Kinda like ET trying to be amongst all the stuffed animals in the closet. :)


New visitor from Winter Friends Wednesdays. Feel free to visit at Back Porchervations

Stacy Uncorked

Oh that's too funny! Looks like Maisy is very tolerant! :)

WW: Summer House Renovation Update

Jean w/ Typical Suburban Family

That is hilarious and totally reminds me of our house. Our dog Delta is just as patient with our boys, but only half as amused as the boys are with their ideas. LOL! Happy WW!

Momma Jorje

Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

She does not look happy! lol So cute that she sat there long enough for the toys to be placed and a great shot to be taken! :-)

Gina Alfani

What a sweetie!!! She's got lots of toys . . . hmmmm I noticed the slipper too . . . funny what they consider *their* toys!!

Thanks for linking up at my WW linky!

Have a wonderful Wednesday . . . Gina


Hahaha that is precious! Just look at that patient pup!

I love the imaginations, and thought-processes, of little kids!

Happy Wednesday!


Laurie Harrison

New Follower and CSN Stores Bathroom Makeover Finalist needing votes.
Laurie from Grandma Sez So

Russ AKA Grampy

I think she did a great job of bringing the dog some toys. Also she took an excellent Photo.


She is so cute,we have an 6 month old Shnauzer name Jake.Whenever I put all hi toys up he freaks out and starts looking for them.


Hi, I followed you on google from I hope you follow me back. Thanks : )

Lauren @ Hobo Mama

Ha! I used to do the funniest (to me) things with my dog when I was a kid, like dress her up and push her around in a toy shopping cart. It's nice when pets are patient, isn't it?

Elisabeth Hirsch

cute doggie :)
I found you through the blog hop.

I'm following. :)

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