Friday, February 18, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday

Well I'm not even sure why I am checking in, other to say that I have not bailed out.  I'm still here and participating, just not doing as well as I would like. 

The Good:  I'm down a total of 4.5lbs!

The Bad:  My stomach was upset for the past day and a half so I attribute that to some of my weight loss.  Let's just say I didn't eat much.

The Ugly:  I ate a lot of Valentine junk on Mon and Tue, which may have contributed to my sour stomach on Wed and Thur...who knows.  Let's call that my punishment.  ;o)

Upcoming:  Today is beautiful and I feel good!  I did my lower body workout this morning and my daughter and I plan to walk the dog and then take a bike ride.  Tomorrow I plan to run as well.  I'm looking forward to the nice weather and I hope that it will be the motivation I need. 

Goals:  My goal from this point forward is to lose another 5.5lbs and gain some muscle. 

I hope everyone else participating in Fit Mommy Friday had a good week. If you want to check the status of all the participants I am linked up with Denise at Got Chai?




Keep up the great work and remember it's a journey~ HUGS!


Good luck with your goal! I'm trying to plan small goals for myself and work toward them. Sister Tipster was is a journey! Thanks for sharing.


Ditto the other 2 comments. Down in your weight is a good thing. Glad you are feeling better today. Keep making goals and working to achieve them. Glad you have not bailed out. Here's hoping for a great week ahead for both of us.


I hope you feel better!

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Thanks guys. I ran twice over the weekend and feel better. Gotta keep it up!!!


Best wishes with your "fit mommy" goals. Send some motivation my way as I have been struggling making my early morning workouts! ( my alarm goes off at 4:45AM and lately I've been talking myself out of getting up to do my exercises :(

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