Monday, February 14, 2011

Help with Homeschooling?

This week's Blog Cruise topic is regarding homeschooling help from spouses, grandparents, or other family members. 

I originally wasn't going to write about this because in our household I am the only adult who homeschools our daughter so I figured there would not be much to talk about.  Then I thought about it for a while longer and realized there is more. 

Although my husband does not "homeschool" our daughter, he wholeheartedly approves and supports me homeschooling, and that takes a big weight off my shoulders.  Now he has helped from time to time when I've asked, and he is there to step in at anytime that I may need him, but for the most part, I handle it myself.  And just incase you are wondering, that is ok with me!  ;o)

As for the grandparents, they do not help with homeschooling either, but they bring something to the plate that I cannot.  Each grandparent has a special and unique relationship with our daughter that I would never want to duplicate or change.  So I don't mind that they are not helping with science or math, because they teach her things and lessons that I cannot. 



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I love your blog!

I'm just wondering.....have the grandparents always been supportive of homeschooling? My parents and my in-laws are still kind of steering us away from the idea (our son is only we have some time), but I am hoping that they will be on board. I feel that they all have a ton of special talents that I'd love to have my son learn about!

My Dad has a remodeling business and likes to do woodworking type things on the side. My Mom does event planning and fund raising for a local hospital. My brother, father, husband and I are always being asked to help out with events. I would love to see my son doing things to volunteer his time. My FIL has a background in chemistry and physics. He worked for Exxon for a lot of year and not has taken up real estate as a way to keep himself busy in retirement. My MIL teaches history and geography at community college. She also is wonderful and very interested in both sewing and gardening!

I hope my son will get to learn about some of the things that they are all so talented at!

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I'm following from Tuesday Blog Trail. I'm glad that your family is so supportive of homeschooling. I think that is so important for your kids.
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If I remember correctly, my husband's parents were all for homeschooling but mine questioned it quite a bit at first. Now there are no problems. It may take some time, but hopefully they will come around. It helps to show them all the opportunities for homeschoolers now!


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In addition to the support & help of family members involved in homeschooling, there may be others in the community. I'm a semi-retired teacher, working part-time in special ed. and tutoring several students in their homes. I'm believe in homeschooling and would love to hook up with Christian homeschooling families one day.


Like you, I mostly do the teaching in our homeschool. My husband is a great support and helps out mostly with discipline issues. Both sets of grandparents live close by and don't teach my children, but they do teach them other lessons that I can't like you said. :)

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