Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up #13

This week we started off a little behind and finished back on track.  Here's where we are on each subject: 

Bible:  We are still studying 1 Samuel.  We meet once a week with a local Community Bible Study (CBS) group. 

Literature:  Our daughter finished reading Andrea Carter and The Long Ride Home, the first book in the Circle C Adventures series.  She'll start on book 2 next week.  I finished reading Raiders from the Sea, from the Viking Quest series, aloud to her.  That was a really good book!  I started to read The Door in the Wall aloud and she is reading Pedro's Journal on her own. 

Grammar:  We are still working through First Language Lessons for second grade. 

Writing:  She is working through New American Cursive Book 2 for writing.  We both really like this book.   

Math:  On lesson 86 in Rightstart Math C.  This week she learned how to add several numbers (4 to 6 double digit numbers) and started on mentally subtracting two digit numbers.  Lots of new stuff!! 

History:  We are using A Child's History of the World and learning about the Middle Ages right now.  Here is a picture of our Marshmallow-Kix castle.  You really have to imagine...and squint.  ;o)

Science:  Still reading through One Small Square: Coral Reef.  She also had three zoo classes this week (endangered species, animal tracks, and the cycle of inquiry). 

Latin:  Reviewing Song School Latin (which was completed last year), working on Latin's Not So Tough 2, and Visual Latin.   

Extra Curricular:  Three hours of dance classes (ballet, jazz/tap, and company) and 30 minutes piano practice.  Also worked on some valentines crafts and cooking projects.

Phew...that was our week!  I'm tired!!  ;o)  How was your week? 

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Colleen (Shibley Smiles)

I just don't know how you do it but it sounds like an amazing and educational week.


Hi, new follower from Relax and Surf Sunday. I love the blog.


Love the castle! Love finding other homeschool families.....stopping by from Relax and Surf. Now your newest follower!


I am amazed at your energy! I hope you have a restful weekend, Christine!

Saved By Love Creations

Our Side of the Mountain

We LOVE the One Small Square Books! Fun week! Great castle!

Jessy - Weekly Wrap-up


Looks like a wonderful week!


Looks like a great and fun week! Love your castle! Thanks for sharing your full week on NOBH!

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