Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - March 7

This week's menu is really not too exciting.  I went grocery shopping at the last minute last night and I hadn't even made a list.  So here is what I *think* we are having.

Sunday: Shrimp and Corn on the Cob
Monday: Spagetti and Corn Bread
Tuesday: Steak and Baked Potatoes
Wednesday: Chicken Pitas and Salad
Thursday: Eating out or I'll make something!
Friday: Beef Tacos

Monday is now soccer practice for the next two months, so I will most likely do something quick and easy that night. 

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Mommy of 3

Your menu looks really good for the week. I really need to get into the habit of planning out what we are having for the week. I usually try to figure it out in the morning, but that does not always work out. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.


Okay, you inspired me and I posted a menu plan for this week on the LTB blog! :-) And the first new recipe I tried was a big success with me and hubby. JB had some plain pasta that she liked more....though she ate some of the combined too. It was really good. I'll have to give you the recipe.
Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!

Our Homeschool Reviews

Kim, I'm glad you posted it and I enjoyed reading what you are planning. Can't wait to hear how they all taste.

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