Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring and Spring Break!

Yesterday was the first day of spring and Friday was the start of Spring Break in our area.  Although we took a field trip on Friday, we are not planning to take this week off with the rest of our county.  We take so many other breaks throughout the year it just doesn't make sense to take off the week everyone else is.

We are excited however, that all activities for the week are off.  No soccer, dance, piano, and Bible class.  No rushing around and we'll be enjoying out quiet, relaxed evenings!!  I am looking forward to that!!

Do you take off of school when it is Spring Break in your area?




Such a cute blog!! My friend is a homeschooling mom too (she just became the director! I have to give you credit! I don't think I could do that myself. I am your newest follower from the blog hop! I hope you will follow back!

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Great picture! Blessings to you!


Much to my daughter's complaints we do not take the same days off as the public schools in town. We homeschool year round and schedule our breaks every four weeks or so.

Hope your week is relaxing!


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My daughter was upset too. I think she forgets that we take off any time we want.

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