Monday, April 4, 2011

Chores vs. Homeschooling

When it's the household chores vs. homeschooling, I have to say that that chores usually end up losing most of the time.

I know we are a small family, but things can get pretty messy here too.  After all, we are schooling in the same place we eat, play, and live.

So what do we do to stay caught up each day? Here are some of my tips and a peek into our schedule.

1.  I get up early.  I get most of the cleaning done for the day before our daughter even gets up.  I can usually get our bedroom and bathroom clean and I walk through the house picking up toys, shoes, and straightening up the main rooms.

2.  During breakfast I try to clean the kitchen.  I usually don't sit down to eat so I use that time to empty the dishwasher, load it again, and clean the counters.  I find that if I start each day with a clean kitchen, I am happier.  :)

3.  I *should* start a load of laundry each day.  On the days I put a load in first thing, I find that the laundry doesn't get so backed up.

4.  I try to clean the kitchen up immediately after dinner.  I love to wake up to a kitchen that is already clean.  A clean kitchen = a happy me.  :)

5.  Sometime during the day my daughter and I will do what we call a "quick clean."  We go through each room as fast as we can and pick up and put away everything on the floor. 

Our daughter has chores too.  She has to make her bed each day, put her dishes in the sink when she's done eating, and she has to clean her room (which is easier said than done).

Oh, and hubby helps too...although we don't assign chores to him.  ;)




Thanks for sharing your routine with us. It has been fun seeing all the differences :)

Have a blessed day....stay dry. Raining cats and dogs at our place right now and I'm sure the wind will blow us away. Gotta love spring.


Thanks for sharing! It sounds like you have a great system going!
God Bless,

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