Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Healthy Summer Snack Ideas

Summer is upon us...and with summer comes long, HOT days!  And for us, LOTS of swimming.  This is the third summer our daughter has been on the swim team, and if you have children who swim, you know one thing...they get hungry!!  My small 8 yr old child, who is only about 50lbs, and 25% in weight for her height/age, can literally eat all day long and never get full. 

So I went grocery shopping on Sunday and bought a whole bunch of healthy snacks.  Not that I don't already have healthy snacks in the house, just not as many!  Here are some of the things we bought:

Pudding or Jello is great for an after dinner snack

These fill her up when we are going from dance to swim.

I try to only buy canned fruit with 100% fruit juice

We all love yogurt!

I am trying to keep veggies on hand (and ranch dressing if needed).

And all types of fruit!!!  She loves Kiwi.

According to the ingredients, these are made with real fruit!

Here are a few other snack ideas:

* Fruit salad
* Fruit smoothies (which my daughter does not like)  :(
* Apple with peanut butter
* Celery with peanut butter and raisins (ants on a log)
* Yogurt and fruit
* Whole grain waffle or pancake with fruit
* Cottage cheese with fruit
* String cheese with crackers

What do you feed your children in the summer?  If you have any other snack ideas, I would love to hear them!! 




looks good.
we love Fiber Bars and fresh fruit and veggies. I also love cottage cheese and my kids love string cheese.


Those look like some great snacks! Thank you for the ideas.

Laura O in AK

Great suggestions! Like Debbie, we do string cheese here, too.


Yum! My children eat lots of popcorn and nuts.

Our Homeschool Reviews

We just made some popcorn today. I'll have to share my easy, guilt free recipe for that again soon. We also do trail mix.

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